Abyssal Persecutor for the Loss!

I got in a game of Two-Headed Giant last night with nealyb123.  We’ve played several games in his basement but this was my first attempt at the format playing online.  It was more fun that I had anticipated.

The game started out bad.  I was on the play and didn’t take a mulligan with only a single land.  I was playing a W/B ally deck.  I missed playing a land on my 2nd and probably 4th turns of the game so it was a painful start. Every ally I brought out was Doom Bladed or killed with some other form of Black removal. Eventually I was able to keep a Bala Ged Thief alive.

Our opponents played the Abyssal Persecutor. A 6/6 flying trample was scary because I had nothing that could block it, but it also prevented us from losing the game as long as this guy was in play!

Eventually they were hitting us pretty hard and taking down our life fast. I was hoping to pull a land off the top of my deck because I needed one more to play the 2 Hagra Diabolist that I had in my hand. Those would set up the Join the Ranks that was also in my hand. That was pretty much game over if I got those all out in a row.

Our life kept going down and down and eventually below 0 but we were still alive thanks to their buy 6/6 flying monster. I had 2 Bala Ged Thief, 2 white soldier ally tokens, and 1 Hagra Diabolist on the board. Turn n-1 I play another Hagra Diabolist for 12 damage. Turn n I play my last Join the Ranks for 30 damage and game!

That whole while the Bala Ged Thief pair made sure our opponents didn’t keep any cards in their hands that might be able to sac the Persecutor when they got us to 0.

It was a fun way to win a game for sure!


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