New Year Resolutions

I was a horrible failure on my resolutions for 2009. I have not completed a successful back flip this year. On the bright side – I have no failed attempts at a back flip this year either.

So this year I want you to come up with my new years resolution. Maybe I should keep the back flip thing? Maybe I should not drink beer for a full year? Maybe I should start smoking cigarettes again? Maybe I should get into the Guinness book or world records (for what?)? Maybe I should win a silver medal at the winter Olympics?

Whatever gets the most comments will become my resolution and I will put more effort into it than I did the back flip thing. But I’m gonna do a back flip this year too. Don’t limit yourself to the ideas I wrote above – that was just the heat of the moment I was typing this shit.


3 Responses to “New Year Resolutions”

  1. C-murder Says:

    Learn how to play the banjo

  2. Jennie Says:

    Mine are to work out more (cliche); eat little or no red meat until Jan. 2, 2011 and then see if I can just not eat red meat for life; drink more wine; no facebooking or twittering while drunk (this will be hard); no fried foods (totally sucks); take guitar lessons; take cooking classes; bike a shit ton more than I did in 2009!

  3. kidpurple Says:

    Jennie – if you bike a shit ton more than you did in 2009 I think you got working out more covered. I don’t think we ever biked together in 2009 – like we probably did in 2008. Lets change that for 2010, what do you think?

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