A night with no Guild Wars?

I’ve been on a big Guild Wars kick the past month or so (the amount of time I haven’t posted anything here).  After a snow bike trip to the liquor store tonight I thought maybe I’d have a night at home that I didn’t fire up Guild Wars.  Then I realized that would be kinda silly – there is lots to do.  So my eventual plan is to get at least one set of elite armor for each profession in the game.  Right now I only have one and that is on my warrior, he has go the Silver Eagle Armor.

Next up will likely be armor for Agent Crazy Diamond (my Necromancer) or My Name Is Hammy (my Ritualist) but I’m still undecided what to get.  I have a few picked out – but you can decide which I end up getting:

Necromancer (check out all the Necromancer armor):

Ritualist (check out all Ritualist armor):

Let me know which you like the best and I’ll do my best to go get it!

I suppose I should show you what the look like with their current (cheap) armor:

My Name Is Hammy:


Agent Crazy Diamond:



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