It got weird in the mens room the other day

I piss a lot.  Both when I’m at home and when I’m at work I piss a lot.  That is not the point here though.

So I go to the mens room to piss a couple days ago at work right.  We’ve just moved into a new building which is kinda fancy.  The mens room has lights that turn off after so long and then detect motion to turn back on.  I walk in and notice that the lights turn on when I walk in so I assume I’ll be the only person in there.  But the last stall door is closed all the way.  I didn’t bother to look close enough to see if it was latched closed, or just happened to be gently resting in the closed position.  I of course assumed it was just gently resting.

Then I’m standing there pissing and I hear some juicy fart noises.  Holy shit – someone has been on the toilet long enough for the lights to turn off!!!!  That dude might have heard me let out a little laugh.

I finished up quick and got out of there but I was curious.  I might have hung around the water fountain a little longer than normal afterwards.  I wanted to see who it was.  Eventually some dude from a different company comes out and walks away.  Weird guy.  I’m sure he’s a great guy though.  If this was you and you happen to be reading this – well done.  I wonder if you fell asleep or just like to take your time.


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