Becoming a marine biologist

I’m just getting done with the stationary bike in the basement and on comes Monster Fish of the Amazon on National Geographic TV. It has taught me one thing so far:

1. Being a marine biologist would probably be a really cool job.

But then I remembered another thing:

2. I’m allergic to fish.

So that pretty much puts an end to that. Then last but not least:

3. Most marine biologist probably don’t have National Geographic to take them all over the world to look for monster fish.

So shit, I guess I’m stuck with this crappy writing job here. Entertaining my 9 readers for 1 or 2 minutes twice a week isn’t much of a job – but it’s my job dammit!


3 Responses to “Becoming a marine biologist”

  1. Jennie Says:

    I really wanted to be a marine biologist when I grew up. Like really bad. Really really bad. Jacques Cousteau’s right-hand man. Then I ended up going to college in a land-locked state. Eventually the dream died. Now I do things like meet with people who want to sell me these units that clean your toilets in between actual humans cleaning them. Seriously, I had a meeting about this today.

  2. kidpurple Says:

    So how many units did you buy?

  3. matt Says:

    and you’re damn good at at.

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