Missed out on the Globe Bikes giveaway thingy

A couple days ago I read about a thing Globe Bikes was doing where they were giving away bikes to people who would blog about them. Damm – that sounds just right for me. I actually would really like several different Globe models. There is one specific one that could potentially replace all of my current bikes – which is at 3 1/2 right now.

I have a 1/2 bike for sale – real cheap. I’ll bring it to Granite City on my car and for the price of buying me a single beer – it is yours. The bike doesn’t have any wheels on it anymore. I have them at they will go with it, but there are no tubes/tires.

Anway – back to the Globe. I think this is the list of people that ended up getting the free bikes. Bummer I didn’t see this in time – I would have blogged (and ridden) the shit out of a free Globe! I probably would have sold my other bikes and either donated the money to charity – or spent it on beer or more bike shit.

I even got my Globe Winners image ready for them!


Okay – maybe I would have gotten a better picture than with my crappy laptop built in camera – but you get the idea.

So – which of those models do you think I would have chosen?

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