Blinking standby light on my Sony Trinitron KV-36HS500

Hopefully I’ll be able to save someone some repair money on their Sony Trinitron TV someday. A couple days ago the standby light started blinking when I would try to turn on my TV. There would be no sound or video, just a blinking standby light. This has actually happened several times now.

The first time I took the TV into a repair shop only to be told the next day that it worked just fine. I came and picked it up and it was fine.

A year later (now) the same thing happened. After some investigation I found that the number of blinks given by the light should provide some information. Mine was blinking 7 times which was probably indicating some power issue. I left the TV unplugged for 24 hours and then plugged it back in – on a surge protector this time. It has been working just fine since then.

Good luck if you’ve got one of these Sony Trinitrons. My model was the KV-36HS500, but the description I found online was for a slightly different model number.

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2 Responses to “Blinking standby light on my Sony Trinitron KV-36HS500”

  1. kidpurple Says:

    Now the fucker doesn’t work again. I guess it is time to hit up for a new TV – or does anyone know of any good TV deals – looking for something in the 32 – 40ish range.

  2. Borin Says:

    I have a Sony Trinitron KV-36HS500 TV. with the same problems.
    On standby the tv. blinks 4 times. When you turn the tv. on it blinks 7 times. I’ve just ordered two IC’s chips from ebay yesterday(05-14-2010). Any info. on what the code means?
    Thank you all for reading.
    Call or text Borin at (562) 310-2427

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