I'm like an electrician and shit!

I’ve got this shower in the basement you see. This shower – it has a door and some windows, and a ceiling above it. On that ceiling is a fan, and in that fan there is a lot of dust.

Well the fan is there to dry out the damm shower so it doesn’t get moldy. I would often not leave the fan on because I’d forget to turn it off later, or I’d turn it on and let it go all night. So I took matter into my own hands. I went and bought on of these fancy light switch timers knob thing-a-ma-jigs.

With my totally focused 2 year old helper we got that sucker successfully installed tonight! We might have to redefine what success means though. If it mean that you blow out a night light and cut electricity to half of your house a few minutes later, then it was a wild success! Does success require that slightly uneasy feeling of “holy crap what if a fire starts in my bathroom tonight” or is that just the normal feeling from a job well done?

So you can ask me how if you ever need to hook one of these up, I’ve done one of them now so I’m pretty much a pro. This is how it goes: Unhook old switch, connect two wires with a little masking tape (or whatever you happen to have near by), jam that new switch back in the hole (if it fits). If it doesn’t fit, just get a knife and a hammer and go to work until it will fit!


3 Responses to “I'm like an electrician and shit!”

  1. mike Says:

    Success does mean wondering if there is going to be a fire tonight…or while I am gone. Nice job though shloopy!

  2. matt Says:

    this is great–i really had fun reading it! maybe you should write a how-to manual!

  3. kidpurple Says:

    I was thinking about it, but I don’t want to be responsible for some house burning down. That would suck.

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