Some things my bike can't do

I learned another thing my bicycle doesn’t do tonight. It won’t break through chain at 10 mph.

Riding the LeSchwartz around downtown Fargo tonight I went through a parking lot that I knew had chains separating isles of parking spots. I went through a couple of aisles that didn’t have chins up so I just kept cruising at a good pace. Then I first heard the chain and knew I was fucked.

Surprising my bike didn’t rip through the chain. Instead it sent me over the handlebars flying towards the parking lot head first. I got up and rode out of there pretty quick partly because I didn’t want to know if I was hurt badly, partly because it would have been embarrassing if people had seen this take place.

As far as I could tell the only damage to the bike was the front brake cable was ripped off and I lost my tail light. I had bloody knee and fingers – but my lower right back, right elbow and left knee are hurting pretty nicely now. A couple beers and some ibuprofen will hopefully help out a little bit.

The worst part about it is that when I went into that parking lot I actually thought to myself – that would suck to run into a chain in the dark. And then 7 seconds later I did. Dammit.


3 Responses to “Some things my bike can't do”

  1. matt Says:

    damn, that does not sound fun. i’m glad you’re okay! did the beer and pills help?

  2. mike Says:

    Since you are pretty much ok I can say this….that is damn funny! Sorry!

  3. kidpurple Says:

    I’m still pretty sore from it – but overall okay. I do now wish I could see it happen on video – I bet that would be really funny to see.

    The beer and pills did help! Don’t they always?

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