Keg in the fridge

Tonight was a first for me. As you see I picked up a keg on mini-keg on my way home from work. I happened to be driving my car today because of a reckless challenge in a soccer game last night – but that is a different story. It would be fun to roll into the liquor store and pick one of these things up to take on my bike though!

Anyway – I was told today at work that I should try this 1919 Root Beer. The short time I was in the liquor store with it in my possession I had 2 people tell me how good the stuff was. So I finally got around to trying it. It is good. Come over sometime and I’ll make you a 1919 Root Beer float! I just finished my first ever 1919 Root Beer float.

I guess I’ve never made a bad root beer float. I’m probably the best root beer float maker that there is. Maybe you can do better – I don’t know.

1919 Root Beer

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3 Responses to “Keg in the fridge”

  1. bierwoman Says:

    You do have some mad root beer float makin skills! Might have to try some of that 1919 sometime! 🙂

  2. Joe Says:

    I’ve never had one of your floats. You must bring me one soon.

  3. kidpurple Says:

    So I learned a lot about root beer from the 1919 website.

    NEVER serve root beer with ice in it.

    And aparently I don’t make floats – A&W makes floats. A float has a scoop or two of ice cream floating in root beer. A Freezie is ice cream and root beer blended together. I make freezies I guess.

    I’ll have everyone over for some 1919 freezies sometime.

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