Anybody kayaking?

I just posted on my twitter account something about renting kayaks next weekend to go out on the red river. Then I decided that maybe just buying a kayak would be better. At $7/hour it could rack up a large amount of money pretty quick if it is fun. So I decided to go look ( at kayaks. I found that it could be a very affordable activity to get into.

So I wonder what the quality of these type of inflatable kayaks would be. I have a gift certificate burning a hole in my pocket and I just may have to order one of these. It will be damm fun to take camping too! So who else wants to get one and go kayaking with me?

Or if you want to go with 2 people you could check out this one. I’d really like to be able to do this with Luke sometime – but he’s probably a little young for that yet. Some day!

Or something like this would probably be a little bit nicer – but probably more expensive for me to just get started with kayaking.

What to do??????

I think I posted something very similar to this probably about 2 years ago. I’ve really wanted to do this for some time now.


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