Bump Set Spike – maybe that will work for us next point!

I should be a sand volleyball coach. Just for something to do tonight I went out to watch some sand volleyball. I started counting the number of times either team actually successfully pulled off the ol bump-set-spike. I counted the times a team actually got something reasonably better than just a wimpy bump over the net and scored on it. From what I counted I figured maybe about 3% of the time either team was successful with the whole bump-set-spike thing.

So for the mathematically challenged – that leaves 97% of the points scored being attributed to an unforced error. That unforced error was usually after a team had successfully played the ball at least once. One hit that could should have just returned the ball over the net to let the other team make the mistake.

The team I went to watch was 0-3 when I finally took off. I told one guy what they should do – they went 3-0 after I left them with my advise.

Maybe it had to do with them playing a weaker team – but I’d like to think it was my advise. I’m pretty sure I’m gonna quit my job and become a successful rec league class B sand volleyball coach. I bet there is big money in that.


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