Canoe trailer… for a bike?

How much fun would kayaking on the river right here in town be? Let me fill you in on a little secret: it would be a lot of fun.

I’ve been kinda thinking about that for a couple years now, but haven’t done anything about it. yet….

Kayaks are (maybe) expensive, but I could have access to a canoe for free. The only thing is I don’t have a vehicle set up to carry a canoe anywhere. But you know what? A canoe is not unreasonable to tow behind a bicycle. There is at least one company that makes canoe/kayak trailers for bikes. They look pretty nice but are fairly expensive.

So I got to thinking about making my own canoe/kayak trailer to pull behind my bike. I’m no welder so the first thing I think of is using some type of PVC pipe. I’ve heard of people using it to make cargo trailers to pull behind bikes. I just don’t know if I could build something with PVC that would be strong enough to carry a canoe.

So you more about this type of stuff than I do. Would that be the right material to use, or is there something else (better) that I could do myself.

Who wants to help me design a canoe/kayak trailer for a bicycle?

Who wants to put it to use with me?

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4 Responses to “Canoe trailer… for a bike?”

  1. kidpurple Says:

    After a little searching –

    Maybe $200 for the wicycle trailer wouldn’t be so bad?

    It would be fun to make something though.

  2. Donald Nordin Says:

    Equinox has been making and selling a kayak carrying bicycle trailer for over 20 years

  3. Laura Says:

    Question – where do you think you have free access to a canoe?
    Just wondering, because if it’s what I think…I think you’re incorrect.

  4. kidpurple Says:

    Answer – I’m pretty sure it is what you think – and it was confirmed to me just this weekend that I could have access to a free canoe.

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