What Wordpress plugins are you using?

Here is my list of plugins I have installed on at least one of my 3 main websites:

AddThis Social Bookmarking Widget – probably one I will get rid of in favor of the “Tell-a-Friend Widget Plugin”.

Akismet – a must have for killing spam.

All in One SEO Pack – of course.

Cimy User Extra Fields – Used to allow revenue sharing between authors.

Contact Form 7 – Nice and easy to use contact form.

FD Feedburner Plugin – Before writing this I didn’t realize I have different Feedburner plugins on different sites.

Feedburner Feed Replacement – for all your RSS goodness.

FeedBurner FeedSmith – Wow, actually 3 different feedburner plugins.

Google XML Sitemaps – Google Love!

Photo Dropper – rarely ever used – maybe I’ll try to use it right here.

RSS Footer – nice to add links back to article inside RSS feeds.

SABRE – This one I’m not sure how well it is doing. If it works I should not have to know it is even there.

Simple Tags – This is a great one and I need to start using it on all sites.

Tell-a-Friend Widget Plugin – Currently my favorite “Social Media Sharing” plugin/button.

Twitme – Must have to automatically announce new posts on Twitter.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin – Shows links to related posts at the bottom of each post.

What important plugins am I missing?

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4 Responses to “What Wordpress plugins are you using?”

  1. matt Says:

    i don’t even know what plugins are or how you install them….

  2. kidpurple Says:

    Yeah – I suppose no one will probably care about this – I don’t know why I put this here.

  3. matt Says:

    i thought it was interesting, even if i don’t really understand the technical stuff about it. just the fact that you use all those plugins is interesting, as are there names!

    i’ve heard about one called glade. but i’ve never used it.

  4. matt Says:

    their, not there. as in their names….oh, what is to be done about misspelled words?

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