I'm an official member of the DCI!

Yesterday some of us went down to the local Alara Reborn pre-release event. Team BS competed in the 2 headed giant event which was enough to get a free membership into the DCI. I’m a member!

So this was our first time playing in any type of official event. We’ve played at home a lot, but weren’t sure what we were going to be getting into. There were players that were obviously WAAAY more experienced than we were, but we were playing a sealed deck game. For this game each team (2 man teams) gets 4 booster packs of Shards of Alara and 4 booster packs of the yet-to-be-released Alara Reborn. Out of that we each make a deck with minimum of 40 cards. Then we were matched up against 3 opponents and have an hour for each game.

Our first match was kinda close. We went until the end of the hour, then there are 3 more turns and it is a draw if no team has won by then. We were actually way down, but the game ended on our opponents’ last turn. With their final all out attach they had just enough to kill us. They had over 70 life left so we were hoping to hang on a get a draw.

Our second match was much better. We had and artifact that dealt 2 damage each turn to our opponents. With that and a couple flying creatures they couldn’t block we cruised to victory!

Now we were 1-1 and had the possibility of winning prizes if we won our last match. We didn’t win any prizes. We didn’t even get close. Our opponents killed us in 6 turns or something like that. It was brutal and these guys were some serious magic players.

Overall it was a pretty fun time. After the event was over we had some beers and threw down a couple 5 player games in the basement. The Merfolk deck took down a shared victory in the second game. I still gotta order newer cards to make the Merfolk standard.


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