Can we have just a single queue?

Have you ever been in line at the grocery store just standing around waiting in line to pay when a new person comes up and says I can help someone at lane 4? Then the person BEHIND you goes and gets checked out right away – well before the other dozen people that have been in line longer.

Does that ever happen to you when you are in a hurry and none of the lines are moving at a decent pace? That shit happened to me tonight. I was pissed.

Why can’t there be a single queue at those kind of stores. When one person is done at any cash register then the very next person in line goes to that register and pays for their crap.

Why is it that the people at the END of the line always benefit from the new cash register opening. It isn’t fair and especially frustrating when everyone has full carts of shit and I have 2 apples and a few bananas.


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