What is the best zombie movie?

planet-terrorThis weekend I finally saw at least part of Grindhouse. Saturday night I watched Grindhouse Presents, Planet Terror. I had set my DVR to record it a long time ago. After watching high school hockey there was nothing worth a shit on TV so along with my dad we decided some zombies were in order! I thought it was pretty good, but it made me wonder – what is the best (your favorite) zombie movie of all time?

I am no zombie expert, nor movie expert – but here are some of the other options that come to the top of my head. I want to hear what you think is the best zombie movie weather it is on my list or not.

I imagine Shaun of the Dead will get a lot of votes. It seems to be pretty popular and also one that I have seen and also liked. Anyone for Shaun of the Dead?

28 Days Later is one that I saw a few years ago – probably right about the time it came out on DVD. This was another good movie – but I’d have to watch it again if I really wanted to make a fair comparison.

For a minute I was thinking about putting From Dusk Till Dawn on the list – but those were vampires weren’t they?

I’m sure there are several others that someone might mention as best zombie movie. One that likely won’t be thought of is Die You Zombie Bastards! but how can you ignore a title like that? Other that will probably get a couple votes might be Night of the Living Dead, Dawn of the Dead, and The Evil Dead.

Which IS the best? Which is your favorite? Why?

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5 Responses to “What is the best zombie movie?”

  1. Scrib Says:

    Though difficult to choose between two good movies, my vote is for 28 Days Later. I would also like to vote for suck it.

  2. brod Says:

    Hands down Shaun of the Dead is the best zombie movie ever.

  3. brod Says:

    Oh yeah, the why.

    Because it is, that’s why.

  4. kidpurple Says:

    Only one vote for suck it, WTF?

  5. matt Says:

    the only zombie movie i’ve ever seen is the old night of the living dead. my brother, dad, and i watched it when i was kid. i remember sitting in our basement watching it together. i just remember bits and pieces of the movie–like a scene with a car breaking down or something like that and zombies approaching.

    it’s funny you mentioned from dusk till dawn–when i read the title of your post, i thought of that movie. i watched it in the dorms at school–actually, i think you were there kidpurple. but, yeah, vampires–not zombies.

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