Who is you wireless phone provider?

I went to the Verizon store today and came away empty handed. Now I’m thinking I should check out some other places maybe?

I simply wanted to get myself a phone and transfer my old phone number to the new phone. My current phone is owned and paid for by my employer – but I’ve been told that I can keep the number. According to Verizon it isn’t that easy. The number has to stay with the phone because it is under a 2 year contract.

To make a kinda long and confusing story short – I am better off to just get a new phone number because if I don’t I’m not a new customer to them. I guess that is fine – maybe I’ll become a new customer to Alltel or something.

So I’m curious to find out what you might say about Alltel if any of you are Alltel customers. How are they compared to Verizon? What kind of phones have you liked and what have you not liked? I looked at phones a little bit and kinda liked the Blackberry Pearl. I’m not sure if I’d get internet and/or text messaging services or not. At Verizon that was gonna be $30/month – so probably not.

Let me know what you think about either of these companies if you have experiences with them.

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7 Responses to “Who is you wireless phone provider?”

  1. PMan Says:

    Rebecca and I combined plans last summer. She used to be on T-Mobile and had her number “ported” to Verizon after her contract expired. You probably need to wait until the contract is up or you could buy it out. Then its really easy to keep your number.

    In my travels, I’ve found that Verizon has the best coverage between cities and rural areas. I’ve never met anyone with Alltel so I can’t comment on them. I think they’re mostly on the east coast though. Verizon’s in-calling is really nice. I’m rooting for them…

  2. bierwoman Says:

    Ok this is what i know take it or leave it… Verizon and Alltel are merging so it probably isn’t going to make much difference soon enough. I had been and alltel (cellular one) customer since 1996. I never had any problems. I only switched to Verizon because neal switched to it for work. I haven’t had any problems with them either. I do think my calling plan is a little better for nationwide coverage with Verizon than it was with alltel, but i really don’t travel all that much out of our little tri-state area so it isn’t that big a deal for me. As far as the blackberry pearl goes, i haven’t heard anything good about them. A few of my classmates have had them and they all hate them. So there you go. Good luck with your decision… it is too bad you can’t wait a while because brady said AT&T is coming here soon then you could get an iphone!

  3. kidpurple Says:

    Well I found out that I can keep the phone – so I guess that makes it a little easier. I’ll just take over the contract that the company was paying for. Then in August I can think about getting an iPhone or something else.

    Thanks for the info.

  4. PMan Says:

    By August Verizon will have iPhones or something better…

  5. Scrib Says:

    Sorry I am late to the party. Verizon bought Alltel. The FCC agreed to the purchase though requiring Verizon to sell off bandwidth in certain overlapping markets. One overlapping market is the entire state of ND (technically it is more than one market but it culminates to the entire state). With that said, Verizon takes Alltel’s airspace and sells off their former airspace to the highest bidder that is approved by the FCC. So far AT&T is looking like they are tops on the list. Below them are a few very small time providers. It will be interesting to see which company will buy out which markets. I think the Fargo market has a decent shot for AT&T. Also, if I were to stick with Verizon, I would go with an HTC Pro. It is slick as shit and a good competition for the iPhone. But if AT&T shows up then I am jumping on the iPhone train and sucking that big luscious and nutritious Apple tit all day long.

    This shit gives me a giant rock hard erection. Can you tell? You can probably see it from where you are right now.

  6. kidpurple Says:

    I have pictures of it actually.

  7. Scrib Says:

    It is official. AT&T is coming to a state you live in.


    Lets all jump on the iPhone bandwagon.

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