My World Conquest

Facebook is kinda a weird thing. I have spent limited time using the website until Mike W. got me into a game of World Conquest. The game seems to be exactly like a game of Risk – with a different name.

Well I’ve gotten into a game which was supposed to be my nightmare – but it turns out it is looking more like my own World Conquest! Check the screen shot below. Guess what color I am.


So I’d like to get a big game going with a bunch of KP readers. Who is up for it? Who is not a friend of mine on Facebook? Send me a message either here or there and let me know if you want to get into a game.


4 Responses to “My World Conquest”

  1. bierwoman Says:

    count me in sucka!

  2. Scrib Says:

    Is this played in real-time or do you play your move whenever you log on. I played a version of this before facebook was invented. It was fun. Piss.

  3. kidpurple Says:

    You play your move when you log in. When the game is set up I will choose an amount of time that each player has to take their turn. We’ll probably do 24 hours.

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