Has it occurred to anyone else that much of our communication technology which provides easy communications has actually made us a less connected and less personal society?

I recently started discussing this with a few different people and have since found out that there are published books on the matter which relate in a relative way.

Does anyone remember hand written letters? Or how about a pen pal in another country in which you would receive 1 letter a month… it seemed so far away.

Anyway, years ago hand written letters became a thing of the past, replaced by email. Now email has been replaced by things like blogs and facebook in which you can simply write a quick comment on somebody’s wall.

Similarly, home phones have been replaced for the most part by cell phones and conversations on those is even becoming less frequent, at least in my experience as the option of texting seems to be much easier for most people as it doesn’t require any lengthy communication.

Anyway, I can only imagine where we are headed as our technology is continually becoming more advanced and there are sure to be more communication devices that will allow us to become more disengaged.

Any thoughts?

p.s. By the way, who here doesn’t hate menards?


4 Responses to “Disconnection”

  1. c-murder Says:

    I feel very close to you……in fact im stocking you on the interweb!!!!!Im over here..now check your email!!!

  2. PMan Says:

    What do you mean by disengaged? I think that the evolution of communication methods have increased the connections between people. Think about it; in the past, you’d write a letter and wait weeks or months for a response. Today, you can have a dynamic conversation with someone across the country or on the other side of the world in minutes. People are much more connected now and that is definitely a good thing.

  3. brod Says:

    Cmurder – stop looking at me through your computer.. you are freaking me out!! Stalker!!

    Pman – The way I’m referring to disengage here is that most of the conversations are highly impersonal. At least in my experience.

    We have the ability to so easily communicate that the communication is becoming more and more impersonal when communication is sought on a daily basis or at all.

    As I pointed out, it is easier than ever before to not even send an email or anything.
    Post it on your facebook, there you covered all you bases. Everyone knows what you are doing and you don’t have to call, email, IM, text or any other kind of real communication.

    I seriously know of people who do this.

    I appologize if I seemed to imply in my wirting though that the abilities of our current communication is a bad thing. I simply meant for this post to be a general observation from my experience.

    As far as that letter you refer to, think about the content. There was probably a lot of substance in there because of the time and effort it took to write that letter, send it and then knowing it would take weeks for the person to get it. It probably talked about the near past, present and near future plans of that person.

    I hope I’m making it clear what I mean by all this; I’m not sure at this point.

    I personally use the “new and improved” forms of communication all the time. I enjoy the ability to IM my friends on a daily basis. And even when the conversations go like the one I will list below, I would still rather have this ability than not.

    Me:What are you up to?
    Me: Did you do anything last night.
    You: Nope.
    ME: me either.

    30 seconds go by…

    Me: Ok, well I will catch you later.
    You: Later

    repeat sequence 4 out of 5 days.

    Does that look familiar?

    OR, have you ever not answered a call, because you didn’t want to talk and then simply sent a text message right after instead?

    OR, did you ever not answer a call because you had the ability to see who was calling and didn’t feel like talking to them at that time.

    I’m just pointing out the fact that we have a lot more options now to disengage ourselves.

    And yes, I do recognize that we have always had the option to not answer a phone call, not have call waiting, not send a text. But, would you be more likely to answer a call when you didn’t know who the caller is or if the caller didn’t have the ability to leave a message afterwards?

    As I said this post was simply meant to be an observation, gather others thoughts on the matter. And I do agree with your statement Pman – it is a good thing overall.

    Thanks for the comments.

  4. kidpurple Says:

    brod – why do you hate technology so much?

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