What is going to happen tonight on LOST?

How many LOST fans are reading? How many people quit watching LOST during the crappy 2nd season?

It has been a long time since I’ve seen an episode because they run the show for like 6 weeks a year it seems. Well in case you didn’t know it starts back up tonight. I think there are 3 hours of LOST on tonight. The first hour is the normal bring you up to speed and reveal some stuff you might have missed before. How smarts is that – they actually get people to watch the same episode more than once – its stupid.

If you are a LOST fan – are you looking forward to this season or have you given up on the show? What is going to happen tonight?

I saw this fan made trailer which kinda just made me wonder if this season is gonna be the shit like season 1 or the past season – or if it will be downright shitty like season 2. What do you think?

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One Response to “What is going to happen tonight on LOST?”

  1. kidpurple Says:

    Well that was kinda boring…

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