Where are you sports fans?

How many of you have heard of or seen my MLS Fan Blog? (http://www.mlsfanblog.com) It is just a website (blog like kidpurple) dedicated to Major League Soccer. I have written pretty much everything that is on the site.

Now I’m trying to get a hockey version of the site going. The NHL Fan Blog can be found at http://www.nhlfanblog.com. Check out the site, leave some comments, design a logo for it!

Eventually I also want to get the same thing going for NFL and MLB because I own those domain names as well.

I want you to become an author on one of these sites. Eventually I’d like to have a blogger to represent each team in every one of those leagues. You can even earn some money writing on the websites, its pretty easy in fact.

If you are interested please email me kidpurple [at] gmail [dot] com or just go to the site and register an account.

If you are not interested in blogging about a sports team go to the site and leave some comments. The hockey site hardly has anything there yet – but watch it, I hope to add some new bloggers soon and really get things moving on that one.


If you know someone else that might be interested in any of those sports blogs use the button below to tell them about it, or just direct them to any one of the websites yourself.

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2 Responses to “Where are you sports fans?”

  1. c-murder Says:

    I don’t know anything about those sports. If you are talking nfl im in.

  2. kidpurple Says:

    Yes, there will be an NFL site. Would you like to become a blogger about the NFL when I get that one started?

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