Leaves for sale

Right before Thanksgiving I raked up about 18 bags full of leaves from our backyard.   Our curbside yard waste pickup happens on Thursday mornings.  We left town on Wednesday so I didn’t put the leaves out to sit until Friday when they’d finally get around to picking it all up.  Then I was sick last week and didn’t take them out.  I think there was a week in there as well that I just forgot.

I put the leaves out by the curb last night to be picked up this morning.  The leaves are still there.  No one is coming to pick them up.  I check out the city website and they only pick up yard waste until mid-November.  I was probably already too late when I didn’t put them out at Thanksgiving.

So if you want some bags of leaves – they are out by the front of my house – come and help yourself.


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