When can we get rid of tv commercials

When I was sick last week sitting at home by myself during the day I watched a couple of movies. One I watched was Red Dragon that I had saved with my DVR several weeks prior to viewing it. I thought it was probably on a channel that was not going to have commercials. I was pissed when that first commercial came on.

How many of you ever watch soccer on tv? There are no commercials. In 1990 they used to show commercials during soccer games – and you just had to miss the action during the commercial break. I remember missing a goal during one Italy game of the World Cup that year. They had that situation fixed by 1994. Now you will see a sponsor logo up by the score and the announcers will say who is sponsoring the next 15 minutes (or however long it is) each time the logo changes.

As I’m watching Red Dragon I see the useless station’s logo in the bottom right corner of my screen. They could have easily replaced that with a sponsor logo. Why not do that?

Who watches commercials anyway? I was lucky to have the movie on a DVR so I skipped right over each and every commercial. If I was watching on live tv I’d probably find something else to be doing during those commercials other than actually watching them.

Who is seeing commercials? I can only say what I’ve heard about this, but if you download a tv show from a bit torrent the commercials will be cut out for you. If they have the sponsor logo rather than “tv timeout” to show commercials – then even the pirates will see the stupid things.

You wouldn’t be happy to see commercials in the middle of a movie at the movie theater, would you? Why are commercials in the middle of movies on tv so acceptable? With the way technology has changed tv I hope that commercials the way we know them will soon be a thing of the past. DVR has made them obsolete.

I’m mainly thinking about movies on tv in writing this. There are a few things that commercials are acceptable for. Can you think of one show where people will say they watch only for the commercials? That must be a really exciting game show. I really don’t want commercials breaking up my Scrubs or Lost either, but I guess we are just used to it.

What do you think? Could we see a day when interrupting commercials are a thing of the past?

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4 Responses to “When can we get rid of tv commercials”

  1. Joe Says:

    My old DVR’s used to automatically skip commercials. I don’t think I’ve watched a commercial for years. I agree with you. Those who have cable are already paying for premium programming that the cable companies in turn pay the networks for. The only channels that should have commercials should be the free, OTA ones. The local networks even get money from the cable subscriptions (remember the KVLY/KXJB fiasco from last year?)

  2. PMan Says:

    I can totally see commercials going the way of the dodo bird. I predict we’ll just see more product placement within the movies/shows in their place.

  3. c-murder Says:

    I DVR shows then skip them just to watch the commercials, it’s so random and exciteing!

  4. kidpurple Says:

    it’s so random and exciting –> just like you

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