Does this look like fun?


I stopped to take a picture this weekend riding my bike around down by the river. I’m getting studded tires on that one today and hope to head back over there tonight. Looks like fun doesn’t it? Get your bike ready and come with me, or you can borrow one of my other bikes!

Who wants to go with me? (I’m gonna guess no one)


3 Responses to “Does this look like fun?”

  1. matt Says:

    i’d like to go with you but i think it would take me several weeks to bike over.

    yesterday there was a big snowstorm here and i went on a pretty awesome bike ride in it. i wiped out once but i was going slow and wasn’t hurt at all. it was really a pretty good workout slugging through the piling up snow.

    how are the studded tires working? i’ve never ridden a bike with those on it.

  2. kidpurple Says:

    Well – I was told to take it easy on them for 30 miles. I got them on Tuesday night and went out for only about 4 miles. Short ride cause I wasn’t feeling too good. Later that night I was miserable and ended up missing 2 days of work. Now it is Saturday night and I’m still miserable. I got drugs from a doctor today but my head still feels like its full of cement. So I have no real experience with the studs yet. From what I hear they will be awesome. I’ll let you know when I get to actually use them!

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