My first Greasemonkey script!

Greasemonkey is a firefox addon that allows users to write code that can modify (usually to improve) websites that you otherwise wouldn’t have control over. The actual website isn’t being modified, but just how your browser presents it to you. It has no effect on anyone else.

Install Greasemonkey

Then check out my first Greasemonkey script here:


Install it and love it. It will if nothing else teach you how to dis-able Greasemonkey scripts.  I had an idea for a useful script that I started to write before I found someone else had already made it.  I decided to write this one instead.

Let me know what you think about my first Greasemonkey script!

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One Response to “My first Greasemonkey script!”

  1. kidpurple Says:

    Has nobody tried it yet? 😦

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