What kept me awake last night?

Last night just after going to bed I noticed a couple bright flashes of light coming from outside our house.  I initially thought it was lightning and thought it was kinda weird but didn’t think much of it.  After a couple more flashes I started to think something was weird about it.  It didn’t seem like lightning, so I peeked my head out the window right above my bed and didn’t notice anything weird.

A minute later I see the flash again so this time I get up and go to the living room.  I pull a little opening in our blinds and just as I’m doing that I see the flash.  It is one of our neighbors standing across the street with a camera taking pictures of our house.  This is an old retired man out taking pictures a little before 1AM.  After that picture he quickly turned around and walked back into his house.

I laid in bed wondering why the hell he’d want to take pictures of our house.  I think I may have convinced myself that he was taking pictures of something other than our house and the flash is just that bright that enough spills out all around him to make me think it was directed at us.  He was standing near the boulevard in a position that would be good to be shooting at our house though.

If he hadn’t turned around and gone inside as soon as I spotted him I think I would have got my camera out and flashed back at him through my window.

I had a hard time falling asleep after that because I was laying in bed thinking – WTF was he doing?  What do you suppose it was?


6 Responses to “What kept me awake last night?”

  1. matt Says:

    maybe it was the federales.

  2. kidpurple Says:

    ummm I’ve met the guy, talked to him. I think it would be safe to say he is in no way affiliated with Mexican police of any kind.

  3. bierwoman Says:

    I think the initial flashes were a UFO hovering over your house. The second set of flashes was the neighbor taking photos of the UFO. Lucky for you he scared the UFO away otherwise they would have scooped you up and would be doing anal expirements on you. You better thank your neighbor tonight.

  4. Defrance Says:

    …unless he likes anal exams, then i would be pissed at my neighbor.

  5. kidpurple Says:

    Well, I never thought that maybe he was chasing away UFOs. Good thinking!

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