I can do a flip on my bicycle!

I learned tonight that I can quite easily do a flip on my bicycle.  All I need is a small ditch that comes to a very sharp V shaped angle at the bottom.  But it needs a little snow cover so the sharp angle is not noticable.

I did that tonight on my way home from the poker game that never happened.  Got to the bottom of the small ditch and my wheel when into snow which was covering ice and water, got to the bottom of the ditch and stopped.  I didn’t stop.  I went right over the handlebars and came straight down on my head, with the bike following to come down on top of me.

Lucky I had a helmet on otherwise I’m sure I’d still be laying there.  Once in a while I go out without a helmet, but I think that will happen much less after my flip tonight.

I was going to play poker at the VFW but it was closed – so no poker.  Come out there next Monday to get some poker in!  Cards start dealing at 7PM.


2 Responses to “I can do a flip on my bicycle!”

  1. Scrib Says:

    Good to hear that you are getting some use out of your helmet.

  2. kidpurple Says:

    Yeah – me too. I was told to replace it now though. Even if I can’t see any physical damage I’m suppose to replace it. Apparently bike helmets are one use type of things. It was a pretty hard hit on frozen ground it took, so I think I will replace it.

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