Reasons to vote for John McCain

Barack Obama is going to make Spanish the official language of the United States

Barack Obama is a Muslim terrorist – because you can’t prove that he’s not

Barack Obama kills babies

Barack Obama isn’t am American citizen

Barack Obama isn’t a very American sounding name

Barack Obama is a racist

These are the reasons I’ve heard most recently – actual reason people are going to vote for John McCain.  I haven’t heard anyone actually have something good to say about McCain – just a bunch of crazy stories about Barack Obama.  What the fuck is wrong with people?

Find a good reason to vote for McCain if that is what you are going to do.  You would think I was stupid if I said that I was voting for Obama because McCain is an alien sent to Earth to help the Nazis conquer the world.  That story is just one more step closer to the looney bin than some of the stupid shit I’ve heard people say about Obama.

I’m gonna vote for Barack because I believe that he cares more about me than McCain does.  

Or maybe I just hate old people.  I heard McCain is going to oulaw being young and all of us that are under 50 years old will go to prison or be put to death.  If you can prove to me that he won’t do that, I’ll vote for him!

So tell me the craziest reason you’ve heard anyone give for voting one way or the other.


4 Responses to “Reasons to vote for John McCain”

  1. brod Says:

    I haven’t talked to anyone that really knows what the hell either candidate is going to do.

    But, you are right, I have heard so many ridiculous things from McCain supporters about all the bad things Obama is going to do. Even though they don’t have any facts and can’t tell you where they heard or got that information. 98% of the time it is from Rush Limbaugh, the only place most republicans get their information.

    I had someone tell me they were going to vote for McCain because they were so impressed with how the Palin family was able to stay together through this whole campaign and how her husband had taken care of the kids all by himself.

    That one should go on the top of your list of stupidity. I couldn’t belive it when I heard that, that was one of their main reasons why they were going to vote for McCain.

  2. kidpurple Says:

    Holy Hell – that is a good one I hadn’t heard yet. Did that person really take themselves seriously?

  3. brod Says:

    They were completely serious.

  4. kidpurple Says:

    Ok fine – here is the real reason I decided who I was going to vote for:

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