I guess it was a bad weekend

I hope this past weekend was better for you than it was for me.

The weekend started out on Friday driving down to Minneapolis to spend the weekend with my sister.  Friday night we got to go hang out with some of my cousins and their families.  It was a good time so far.

Saturday morning brought some nasty diapers (Luke’s, not mine!).  When they get really bad they get tied up in an old grocery bag and tossed outside rather than straight into the garbage.  This cuases problems when Charlie somehow gets ahold of the bag through the fence and eats the entire diaper.  Holy shit – for real…

That happened while I was taking a nap, so I woke up and found out that my sis had taken Chrlie to the vet.  This vet wanted to do surgery to remove the diaper which was not a cool option.  Eventually a different vet was willing to make the dog vomit the diaper up.  There was a risk of it getting stuck and suffocating him.  It wasn’t fun to see him go back with the vet and wonder if he’d ever come back.  Well they got a bunch of diaper out that way but had no way to be sure they got it all.  He’s seemed okay since then but I understand there still is concen if there was some that is still in the intestines somehow.

So that pretty much sucked and took up a bunch of the rest of Saturday.  So Sunday we come home and start to get bad stomach ache.  That eventually turns into some intense diarrhea, which eventually turned into some even more intense vomiting which was nice because they both like to hang out at the same time.  This lasted for about 8 hours on Sunday night and into Monday morning.  

Sleep was not something that had or was going to come easy when all the shit stopped at about 4am on Monday morning so I got up and watched Clerks 2 on TV.  I finally fell asleep with no intentions of getting up to go to work that day.  When I did get up and call into work – I got fired for simply not showing up that morning.  I was so mad I busted my Ice-T autographed Cop Killer CD.

Okay, only the stuff leading up to getting fired is true.  I didn’t get fired – I did get back to work today.  And my Cop Killer CD was never autographed by Ice-T, or anyone for that matter.  It was still a crappy weekend.

I did get to ride a Cross-Check and Long Haul Trucker on Saturday morning.  Thanks Wade! I want both of them!


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