Will I actually get 5 people who see this?

I don’t think I (or anyone in this video) is going to convince any KP readers to vote if they haven’t made up their minds yet. That one guy is pretty funny though. I don’t remember his name but the guy that plays Halo 2!


5 Responses to “Will I actually get 5 people who see this?”

  1. bierwoman Says:

    His name is Jonah Hill. and he has pretty much been in every comedy in the last 2 years.

  2. Scrib Says:

    I just took a shit on my vote. My vote has a turd on it. My turd. But it’s my right to crap on my vote since it is my vote. If I want to put my dookie on my vote then I sure as hell better do it because it is mine and nobody else will do it for me. Vote, don’t vote, I don’t give a fuck what you do. Bottom line, I’m taking a big stinky duke on my vote and I am sending it to my candidate of choice. Inside of my poop I will place a message: “Dear candidate, Good luck in the presidents race for america. I hope you win but if you don’t at least you have my turd. Stay warm. Regards, Scrib” No, that is a stupid idea. I’ll just use my vote to snort some coke off of a hooker. Goodbye.

  3. kidpurple Says:

    I’d shit on your vote – if you asked nicely.

  4. brod Says:

    I think I will take their advice and not vote.

  5. kidpurple Says:

    I guess I know who didn’t watch the whole video.

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